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the sequel

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After the surprise success of the original The Ouija Experiment, ITN Distribution studio contacted the filmmakers and quickly greenlit a sequel, funded by the studio. The only request was that the sequel not be a found footage film like the original. 

OE2 was shot the summer of 2014 in Wellington, Texas. Principle photography took 10 days.

the original

The Ouija Experiment was shot in the summer of 2011 in Dallas, TX. With a modest budget of $1,200 and a 2 week shoot the filmmakers took a different approach to marketing. They would forego any film festivals and market the film strictly based on social media networking and word of mouth buzz. The film screened to sold-out theatres, screaming crowds and secured a distribution deal with ITN Distribution.

A fun filled weekend turns deadly when a group of unsuspecting theatre goers are trapped inside, after a ravenous spirit is resurrected and released from a ouija board. They must confront their most terrifying fears and destroy the spirit before it finds and kills them first.

Ouija Experiment 2: Theatre of Death goes beyond the found footage genre of it’s original predecessor and creates a based-in-reality filmmaking technique by casting the characters from the original film to play themselves and attending their own premiere to The Ouija Experiment.  OE2 steps it up by introducing more characters, more carnage and more scares than the original.

the origins

is anybody


The Ouija Experiment is based on filmmaker Israel Luna’s first full-length horror film in 2000 called Is Anybody There? The film was his first foray into his favorite genre: horror. IAT? was shot on a SONY handicam and edited on an early version of Apple’s iMovie editing system.

The film had a modest film festival run and purchased by Ardustry Entertainment. The film was never released and the filmmakers were returned all film rights after their contract with the studio expired.

IAT? isn’t available anywhere but you can buy it exclusively from

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movie trailer
movie trailer
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