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The companion piece to the cult classic Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives!

coming fall 2016

  1. BulletLa Luna Entertainment and ITN Distribution are partnering up for the first feature-film based on the ghostly viral sensation Charlie, Charlie for a Spring 1016 release. Click here for more info: Charlie, Charlie

  1. BulletIsrael Luna has just signed on for his next full-length feature. Surprisingly, it won’t be a horror film, but not surprisingly it will keep his tradition of causing controversy. Stay tuned for more details.

Before Transparent, before Orange Is The New Black, Ticked-Off Trannies paved the way for positive trans images in film. Greeted by controversy, TOTWK took audiences for a ride and showed transwomen as smart, sexy and kick-ass! The cult classic is now re-released on Blu-ray!

The sequel to the indie-hit The Ouija Experiment continues where the original film left off. With world-wide distribution, Resurrection: Theatre of Death adds more scares, more gore and a higher body count than the original. Make sure and watch both films before the eventual 3rd is released in the near future!

The Ouija Experiment is a certified hit! After securing US distribution, the film has gone world-wide from Paris to a theatrical release in the Philippines. The film has been featured on numerous blogs, web reviews and a YouTube video of a young man taping his girlfriend’s reactions to our movie went viral and featured on the TV show Right This Minute. The Ouija Experiment is still available in many retail outlets.

  1. BulletLa Luna Entertainment will be expanding their company umbrella by opening up a new division of their company with Eye Scream Films. ESF will help indie films with securing US and International distribution.

  2. BulletLLE may find a new location. Luna and his business partner John Maguire are in the process of securing a building in downtown Dallas to create a hybrid of a production studio and office spaces for a Spring 2016 launch.

The Rack Focus Film Competition has exploded onto the Dallas film scene. This competition has produced and screened 61 short films within the last year. Round 4 is coming soon so check out the website for updates by clicking on the logo above.


OUIJA 1 & 2 ON


The YouTube horror sensation comes to the big screen! A group of teenagers find themselves trapped in a haunted house and hunted down by a Mexican demon after playing the Charlie Charlie challenge. Coming soon to DVD & Bluray!


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