Ouija 3: The Charlie Charlie Challenge (2016) (Producer, editor, composer)

Kicking Zombie Ass For Jesus (2016) (writer, director, editor, composer)

The Ouija Experiment (2012) (writer, director, editor)

Ouija Resurrection: Ouija Experiment 2 (writer, director, editor, composer)

Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives (2010) (writer, director, editor, composer)

        World Premiere - TriBeCa Film Festival, NYC, NY

        winner - Best Feature Film - QCinema Film Festival, Ft. Worth, TX

        official selection - Seattle Int. Film Festival, Seattle, WA

        official selection - MQFF - Melbourne, Australia

        official selection - Another Hole In The Head Horror Fest, SF, CA

            (more festivals upon request)

Fright Flick (2007) (writer, director, editor, composer)

        world premiere - HBO’s Latino Int. Film Festival, NYC, NY

        nominated - supporting actor - Chicago Int. Horror Film Festival, Chcago, IL

        winner: supporting actress - Horrorific Film Festival, San Antonio, TX

        winner: best gore FX - Bare Bones Film Festival, Muskogee, OK

R U Invited? (2006) (writer, director, editor)

        nominated: best feature film - Outtakes Film Festival, Dallas, TX

        official selection: Hampton Roads Film Festival, Norfolk, VA

        official selection: Q-Cinema Film Festival, Ft. Worth, TX

The Dallas Sheraton Show (Online episodes 2006) (writer, director, editor)

The Deadbeat Club (2004) (writer, director, editor)

        winner: audience award - Deep Ellum Film Festival, Dallas, TX

        winner: best debut - QCinema Film Festival, Ft. Worth, TX

REEL KIDS TV Pilot (concept writer, director, editor)

        winner: young filmmaker award - Austin Film Festival, Austin, TX

        for “Not It!” created on the show

Is Anybody There? (2002) (writer, director)

        official selection - Vistas Film Festival, Dallas, TX



The Do’s (and Especially) Don’ts of Filmmaking (2015)

        Brown Lane Studios, Dallas, TX

How To Get Distribution For Your Film (2016)

        Cadillac Dreams Studios



*    Getting Started

*    Input on your Script

  1. *    Marketability

  2. *    Staying Within Budget

  3. *    Securing Funding

  4. *    Managing your Cast & Crew

  5. *    Overall Management   




Israel Luna has had a successful career as an indie filmmaker.

  1. *    experiene with top film festivals like TriBeca Film Festival,

        Seattle Int., HBO’s Latino Int. and others

  1. *   securing distribution deals with various studios

  2. *    projects funded by distribution companies

  3. *    experience with domestic/international theatrical releases

  4. *    overseeing funded projects by film studios

  5. *    securing deals with Video OnDemand, DirecTV, Hulu

  6. *    securing deals with Hulu, Netflix, Target, Walmart,

        Best Buy, Target, iTunes and more